Florida Department of Children and Families

The Florida Department of Children and Families, DCF, is the State agency charged with the investigation of abuse complaints; DCF is staffed with many fine investigators, attorneys and support personnel, and by and large does an adequate job with its successes often broken by incredible, and highly publicized, blunders that have resulted in the abduction, torture and death of far too many children. Most offices are reasonably competent when properly staffed and supervised, but those that are not are a nightmare of misdirection, misinformation and deliberate child neglect and abuse.

tamara.jpgThe Milton office of DCF is by far the worst offender in the State of Florida; hundreds of children have been needlessly ripped from their parent's arms and placed in foster care as a result of poor and often malignant supervision on the part of that offices director, Tamara Tallmadge. That horrid creature, pictured to the left, has been guilty of maliciously seeking the 'sheltering' of countless children who were in no real danger at home for personal reasons that only a team of highly trained psychologists could ever hope to unravel. She has on many documented occasions directed investigations toward a predetermined outcome based upon her own beliefs, and with no more information than the original complaint in her hand has passed judgement on us as parents, and sentenced our children to exile. We have attached here an internal investigative report (click here for report) that demonstrates her predisposition to an outcome and her inclusion of irrelevant extraneous information. She is protected in her maniacal pursuits by an Administrator who fears a sexual discrimination law suit.These abusers have repeatedly allowed warring divorce litigants to use DCF as a bully boy in the legal system, all to the children's detriment and as as a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

If you have been a victim of the Milton office of the DCF, or any other DCF office in the First Judicial Circuit, please contact us; we will assist you in the filing of IG complaints against the people involved, in securing the full investigative report of their investigations (something they always try to hide., and in filing Bar complaints against house counsel who step out of line in the legal department (1). There is no charge for this service. If you are currently the subject of a DCF investigations, please refer to our DCF Checklist (click here).
Fighting Fathers of District 1 is currently tracking four cases out of the Milton DCF office at the parents' request; we believe that three of these will result in civil suits against DCF and one may well result in the filing of criminal charges against DCF employees. If you are experiencing difficulties with a DCF investigation please contact us and we will provide whatever technical support necessary for covert taping of DCF interviews in your home, guidance in obtaining legal assistance, etc.

CLICK HERE to read the Florida Bar quoting Bob Butterworth, former head of DCF, talking about DCF being viewed "...as legal employment of last resort". Sadly Butterworth failed in his efforts to professionalize DCF's legal staff.

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