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Comments: "Honorable" Goodman needs to lose her job and never work in law again. She refused to look at my evidence i had provided on behalf of the petitioner. The petitioner was a minor (under the age of 5) that had been a victim of domestic violence and after judge Goodman was done with the case, she granted the child to go back with the abusive parent. She does NOT care about children or the well being of them.

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Comments: As a 15+ year civil litigator, I cannot remember coming before a less articulate or knowledgeable member of the judiciary. Judge Goodman's demenaor --- far from "judicious" --- was intemperate and downright rude. She shows clear disdain for attorneys and litigants who dare to take 20 minutes of her time for hearings and is infuriated by the audacity of attorneys who provide her with materials in advance of the hearing (in a futile attempt to educate her Honor on the facts and the law). The statements she makes in open court demonstrate an ignorance of substantive and procedural law. While I cannot speak to the prosecutor's experience (and I am aware that there is a plethora of negative opinions about her from the criminal defense side), in this attorney's humble opinion, Marci Goodman has no business serving on the circuit civil bench.

From the Sun-Sentinel
The Santa Rosa County Courthouse can be a very cold, cold place. That's because it has a notoriously poor heating and cooling system. Circuit Court Judge Marci Goodman was feeling cold and thought that others in her courtroom during a hearing were cold, too, reports the Pensacola News Journal.
So she summoned two maintenance workers.
But the workers refused to come into her courtroom because one of them was still smarting from another recent encounter during which the judge dressed him down over the chilly courtroom.
So the judge really lost her cool.
Goodman ordered a Santa Rosa County deputy working security at the Milton courthouse to "tell them I'll threaten them with jail," according to an audio recording from the hearing. Then she blew more hot air. She ordered the workers held in an adjacent room. She said she had wanted the workers to "see how cold it was." "I did not see it as a detention, per se," she said Maintenance supervisor Thad Allen arrived, and Goodman asked if the air conditioning could be shut down. "Sure we can," Allen said. "Can you turn my people loose?" "Sure we can, as soon as you get it shut off," Goodman responded. She added, "Let them just sit in there and freeze like the rest of us." The workers were released after about 20 minutes. Hey, judge. Time to chill.
Marci Goodman and her assistant Fern laughed at me in court when I asked that my soon to be ex put a fence around the swimming pool that is full of green old water. She laughed and Fern laughed and said no. I don't care. Who cares about the children dying from the leading cause of death in Fl? She also denied me access to a land line to make sure I could speak to my children in order to verify that they are in FL. She court ordered the children to stay in Fl. I was there for a DVI against my husband. He did not contest. I asked for ANGER mngt classes. She said no. She said that my husband and I hate each other.!! WHere does the state get their facts. I was there for a DVI. Does that make me a hater towards an abuser? He abuse d me and my children. SHe made a facial expression about me as a mother. She shouldn't be in divorce court. My husband abandoned us. He doesn't live here in FL. My children and I are held captive to this state. She is not protecting children when she lets an abuser have the children and he is allowed to do what he wants. I asked for limited supervised visitations. She gives the abuser the rights. I am the responsible parent and I am the one that she is coming after. Need a new judge. I want to be able to leave the stae to see my family. I am all alone in this state.
Posted by: Dana Inzinna |
April 27, 2010 6:49 AM


Next week we will bring the case profiled below to its conclusion. We will name the villains, the victims, and the heroes - there are plenty of each to go around.

In the meantime we will divert ourselves with a related issue - related, in that it exemplifies one more abuse of power by the tyrannical terrorist hiding behind the Bench. Posted below is a sign I just notced at the Escambia County court house. It begs the question - where do these arrogant bastards get off thinking that they can tell an American citizen what can be worn, and how it must be worn, when we visit OUR court house ? I actually saw an Escambia County deputy standing in the corridor telling adults to tuck their shirt tails in - the judges have reduced our highly trained and paid County employees to acting as elementary school hall monitors, ON OUR TAX DOLLAR ! Not only does this smack of arrogance, but we also believe that the Courts lack Constitutional authority to impose this kind of control on our citizens. We will be testing this law very soon. I also smell an ADA complaint against the First Judicial Circuit.

Fighting Fathers has long pondered the problem of perjury in family law cases, and the Court's reluctance to sanction those who commit perjury. Specifically, there are many instances where the Court has determined that the minor child(ren) are competent to testify, one of the party's has announced an intention to elicit such testimony, and one of the parties through custodial control has coerced the minor child(ren) to lie... our question is :

Does such coercion constitute subornation of perjury, and is the party's attorney, if made aware of the coercion and proffers the coerced testimony, guilty as a principal in the first degree of that subornation as well as guilty of deliberately misleading the Court in a material matter ? We think so. We will soon be testing that theory.

The natural consequence of such coerced testimony is that, if the attorney had been unaware of her client's coercion and subornation of perjury, and the client had then advised her of his actions, then the attorney has a duty under Bar Rules to report the misconduct to the other side. Failure to do so could result in loss of her Bar license, and incur additional criminal charges against the attorney. Additionally all letters to client, internal memoranda to file, notes of conversation, etc, are discoverable and exempt from attorney/client privilege

Interesting developments in the profiled case...Fighting Fathers has learned that the oh so powerful father of a miscreant judge has tampered with the judicial process in the troubled First DCA. Fighting Fathers has long had a disgruntled source inside of the DCA and documented evidence of the tampering is forthcoming...WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID , MARCI, AND IT WILL BE COMING BACK TO HAUNT YOU....

Fighting Fathers has also developed additional information on the mental health counselor involved in this case - through interviews of current and former clients, and through a thorough search of court records, this mental health "professional" has been discovered to have been involved with several shady deals, including a business shut down by the State . This, coupled with the psychological damage surely incurred by this "professional" in dealing with her own issues of intra-marital violence, drug use and abuse, must surely have impacted her ability to do her job and cast serious doubts on the validity of any of her findings. We will be naming this mental health professional shortly and publishing the documentary evidence detailing these claims.

Judicial News Flash

Governor Scott just announced the appointment of Santa Rosa County Judge Ross Bilbrey to the First District Court of Appeals - congratulations Judge Bilbrey. More significantly perhaps is the fact that yet once again Gary Bergosh was NOT appointed the the job he so desperately wants...we haven't forgotten you, Gary, and we're going to see to it that you stay right where you are until re-election time in 2018 and then we're going to remove you. Already have a candidate in the wings ....

Had problems with a mental health 'professional' ? FF has a copy of the official complaint form that you may use to file a complaint with the State Board. Complaints may be anonymous. Please feel free to copy us with your complaint and we will follow up just to keep the Board honest. Click here CLICK for an online form that can be completed and printed out.


And yet another twist has been added to the ongoing saga, one that provides an opportunity for FF to move front and center an issue that is being hotly pursued by children's rights groups across America today - the issue of perjury in family law court testimony and prosecution of witnesses for committing it. We anticipate that a certain witness will testify falsely regarding the telephone conversation between herself and one of the parties.What that witness does not know is that the party in question was on speakerphone and there were other witnesses present. We suspect that a recording was made of the call. The other witnesses will certainly testify to the falsity of that person's assertions, and we suspect that the tape, albeit of questionable legality and admissibility, will surface on Youtube to confirm the perjury. The office of the State Attorney will be contacted and a perjury complaint filed.

Stay tuned, it's going to be a wild ride....

Enough election madness - we won, they lost, and that's all that matters. It's time to return to the case that we have been profiling that, incredibly, is still in litigation.

And what a case it has turned out to be with more twists and turns than a Hitchcock thriller. For September we will be profiling a the mental health therapist who (1) doesn't keep any notes, (2) treats patients based upon the parent's diagnosis alone and (3) can't testify about the treatment in court because she 'promised the client' that she wouldn't tell anybody what was said'. We know, we know, too bizarre to be true but it did in fact happen - a Court-appointed mental health 'professional' who can't tell the Court what she did or what the client said. We will name her so that nobody else makes the mistake of using her services. We're certain that the State Board will also be informed of her peculiar practices. Fighting Fathers is having a contest to name her before we expose her - a free Fighting Fathers T-shirt to the first person who emails us her name.

We will also examine in detail the mechanism of Parental Alienation with special emphasis on the alienating parents need to affect isolation of the child from the other parent. We will discuss the growing trend of alienators using the ploy of home schooling to further isolate the children from any familar surroundings that would remind them of the reality of the other parent's true involvement in their lives.

Tell us please, Judge Child Abuser Marci, how does it feel to have turned an innocent child over to an alienator ? YOU were the grease on the skids of this one, old cow...

UPDATE 05-10-2014

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.
~Martin Niemoeller

We haven't forgotten you, you squat, ugly little child abuser. You thought that you were hidden away in dependency court where we couldn't get at your records....that worked in the past, old hag, but no more. Parents have been contacting us in droves with your abuses, needless shelterings and verbal harangues and threats. We will be back on the street in front of the Court House soon, old hag, and YOU'RE the star attraction. Protest season is upon us. Soon, Marci, soon....

UPDATE 09-10-2013

We have been giving a lot of thought to Insane Marci Goodman's preoccupation with tongues and oral sex. Perhaps we made a rush to judgement, and in fact there is some basis in her twisted perspective , and her obsession with social media...perhaps pictures of tongues sticking out do lead to oral sex, or at least they do in her strange family. We hardly put ourselves out as experts in the quirks and foibles of the rich and infamous, so we must at least consider the possibility of the unlikely combination of pictures posted on Facebook of girls sticking their tongues out might lead to oral sex, at least in the more depraved families of America, and among those exposed to Marci's childhood.

Clearly from the photos, Insane Marci, we always knew about the farm, we were just having a little fun with you. What took us a while to figure out was the how and the why of the financing...it seems that the rich just never seem content with being rich enough without trying to perpetrate some scam to deny the IRS its rightful due. Come now, haven't you and yours deprived America of enough yet that you no longer resent the pittances collected to feed the poor and nurse their sick children ?

UPDATE 08-31-2013

This was just too funny to pass up. During the divorce proceedings the husband asserted that he had an interest in the business, which is in direct contradiction to what he said during an Internal Affairs investigation by the PPD. He was getting copies of daily business records and had brought now-candidate for U S Congress John Krause (running against Representative Jeff Miller) along, presumably as a 'bodyguard'. Arety Sievers was monitoring the activities over closed-circuit TV and had her manager tell Krause to not sit on her desk and he hopped up like the good little soldier that he is. It is reported by Arety Sievers that he had attempted tp purchase her bar from her previously. This would be the same John Krause who signed his name as 'Rev.' John Krause when he incorporated his 'ministry' CLICK HERE TO READ. Not looking very 'Congressional', Mr. Krause.

One can get a sense of the attitude of Mr. Sievers from watching and listening.

UPDATE 08-27-2013

Fighting Fathers was horrified when the rumor surfaced that Insane Marci Goodman would be returning to dependency court in January 2014. We certainly hope that the Chief Judge rethinks this assignment, and in support of our plea we will begin profiling abuses in juvenile court committed by Goodman. REMEMBER - most of the proceedings in dependency court are shrouded by a veil of secrecy that serves to hide the abuses committed and the hapless and helpless parents have no place to turn.

<"My experiences with Judge Marci Goodman started when my son was only 12 years old, and she was sitting on the bench for Juveniles. I believe it was in 2000. My Son a small 12 year old ESE student was in a fight at school with another boy. During the fight he ACCIDENTALLY kicked a resource Officer that was trying to pull the boys apart. They slapped a FELONY charge on my son at that time. He was then put on house arrest and probation at the age of 12! His Juvenile probation officer kept telling him he was going to go to a jail for kids and he would get beat up there by adults if he didn't do well. My Son must of felt there was no way out but to die, because he tried to commit suicide. I sat at Sacred Heart Hospital over the weekend in ICU with my son. After he was discharged and back home, his Probation officer violated him for trying to kill himself, and my Son was then sent off to a Florida DJJ Juvenile detention program, Greenville Hills Academy, by Judge Marci Goodman. While there incarcerated, he was beaten on a daily basis, and abused mentally as well for months. During this time, I received phone calls from my Son describing the abuse he suffered as well as witnessed toward the other children. I contacted DCF to report all of it, however NOTHING was done about any of the abuse and it continued until my son was beaten severely by a staff member by the name of Rodney Baynard, (in which they neglected to do a proper background check on this man with a record of battery before they hired him) beat and broke my son's arm, nose and fractured his head! My Son almost died a few times in these programs. I wrote letters to Judge Goodman telling her all of this, and yet she did NOTHING to protect my son. She condemned a 12 year old boy to abuse and did nothing about it!!! Today, my Son suffers from PTSD, and trauma from her actions, and she has sent many other children to these programs KNOWING full well what they were up against because I wrote to you about all of it! I never received any response from you to help with this horrible abuse going on. You disregarded the facts This judge showed no concern for the abuse my Son was suffering from. She referred to me as a bad mother because my son had behavior problems, when I was doing everything in my power to get my son the counseling he needed, and the psychiatric help he needed at the time, yet she took that right away by sending my son off to her programs for kids, where he was abused and harmed mentally. Today we are all suffering from the abuse he went through as now my son has all of this built up in him and has become abusive towards his family for it. Thank you so much Marci Goodman!!! Instead of letting me be the Mother, you took that right from me, to raise him with love and kindness, only to show him that violence was the only way to fix a problem!!! You need to be removed from the bench before you harm another family or child..."

UPDATE 08-26-2013

Complaints about judges go to the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, a board appointed to serve by the Governor. Members must include sitting judges, attorneys, and lay citizens. The current Commission CLICK HERE includes local Emmanuel, Sheppard and Condon attorney Alan Bookman. We can't help but notice that Mr. Bookman is the very same Alan Bookman that corrupt Judge Marci Goodman went to when she incorporated her mysterious GOOD-MAYER, LLC CLICK HERE TO READ. Strange that a judge, whose husband is a judge, whose father owns the largest law firm in Florida (one of the largest in America) would go to the one local attorney who just happens to sit on the very board that could remove her from office. We're certain that Mr. Bookman is an honorable man and will recuse himself from any complaint process involving Insane Marci. It does, however, make one wonder - so many complaints of corrupt Judge Marci Goodman, and never any action ? The secrecy of the JQC process is designed to protect judges, not to protect the public, and we can never really be sure that Mr. Bookman recused himself from the prior complaints, of which we now have copies of several. Grand Jury investigation of the JQC , perhaps ? Executive Investigations out of FDLE, maybe ? Department of Justice ? We're just not sure to whom the job should be assigned, but it definitely needs to be assigned to someone.

One would do well to remember the tremendous political influence that big money can have, even in a state that has rigid restrictions on campaign contributions. We are reminded of what one former Levin Papantonio member told us - during elections a campaign contribution form would magically appear on the desks of the attorneys with the chosen candidate's name. The message was clear...the Big Dog wanted "DONATIONS". In the 2008 elections a local politician was running for sheriff and raised a war chest of almost $.25M and 20cents out of every dollar raised could be traced back to Levin attorneys, many of whom did not even live or vote in the county where the election was held It should also be noted that the candidate in question was one of the most corrupt sheriffs to hold office in the last fifty years..

UPDATE 08-23-2013

We will digress from the transcript momentarily and explore an interesting development that has come to our attention. It seems that a local Pensacola attorney, Jack Wilkins, hired the father's attorney Caryn Van Matre to do some legal work. At the conclusion of the work he noted that there were what appeared to be some billing irregularities coming out of Van Matre's office regarding her refund of expenses paid. After corresponding with her office three times and receiving no satisfaction he finally appealed to the Florida Bar for assistance by filing a complaint CLICK HERE TO READ. Caryn Van Matre finally responded and as part of that response indicated that billing records had been lost and/or corrupted during a mysterious "computer crash" that occurred in February 2012 CLICK HERE TO READ. We can not help but note that this time period would be inclusive of some of the time billed in this case and paid for with some "cash advance" by the father after an assertion to the Court that the exact amount was known (see below). Well, we here at Fighting Fathers are certainly aware of the idiosyncrasies of computers , and in a spirit of shared commiseration over "computer crashes" we have decided to help Ms. Van Matre out - we know that a reputable attorney such as Caryn Van Matre would not want clients to have 'errors' in their billing and refunds; we also note that Ms. Van Matre is tremendously busy as evidenced by her need to always request an extension of time to answer Bar complaints, so, we have decided to be a sport and contact all of her clients that would have been within the period affected by the "computer crash" and provide them with copies of Mr. Wilkins letter and Ms Van Matre's response so that they can double check their invoices for "errors". We are relieved to know that the Bar will not be completely shocked by our little query about $17,000.00 cash payments from clients, having already dealt with Ms Van Matres billing quirks once. No need to thank us, Caryn, we're always ready to help a member of the Bar out...

UPDATE 08-21-2013

There has been a substantial amount of testimony presented here, as well as some very informed speculation and now it is time to fill our readers in with some of the missing pieces to the puzzle. There are many things that you do not yet know, and two things that we ourselves do not yet know, and may never know. Let us begin:

1. A defective/fraudulent affidavit for an Income Deduction Order was filed by the father on March 4, 2011, more than 2 years ago.

2. Arety Sievers received a copy of the Order and immediately saw that it was defective and not consistent with the Marital Settlement Agreement.

3. On April 26, after repeatedly calling the Court, Arety Sievers filed a Motion to modify the Order so that it reflected the terms of the MSA. It was incumbent upon the Court, who had issued the Order, to have confirmed that the Order complied. The Court had not done so. It was even more incumbent upon the Court to correct the Order once notified of the error, sua sponte, since there would be judicial notice taken of the Final Judgment and the terms are contained therein.

4. The Court did NOT correct the Order and instead set the matter for hearing in front of Magistrate Inere. Why did it not simply correct the Order ?

5. At hearing in front of Inere, incompetent old cow that she is, the father's attorney, Caryn vanMatre, admitted that the father had 'made a mistake' on the original affidavit and conceded that the Order was defective. Again, the Court failed to correct the Order. Why ? 6. At that same hearing Inere ordered the mother to supply financial records all the way back to November 2008, even though the father had only attested that there was one month's arrearage in alimony and two months' arrearage in transportation fees at the time of his affidavit. Why did the Court order three years of records for payments only a few months past due ?

7. The case plods along for another year as the attorneys haggle and pad their bills, and Arety Sievers struggles to meet the onerous burden of supplying three years of records... and remember, Arety Sievers has always stated, and testified under oath, that some of those records were stolen by the father and that he had refused to return them.

8. Fast forward to 2012. The mother becomes aware of disturbing events transpiring at the father's house from the 14 year old daughter; sexual horseplay, inappropriate photos being shown, etc. The mother files a Petition for an Emergency Modification of custody based upon the daughter's report on September 21, 2012. The case is assigned to Marci Goodman - The first thing that we don't know is why Goodman caught the case - she wasn't on the Family Law gumball; did she ask for it, or did the Chief Judge assign it ? Goodman denied an emergency hearing.

9. On September 28, 2012 the mother files a Supplemental Petition to Modify. The petition filed requires a response in 20 days or the other party defaults. No response was filed by the father's attorney, and no default was filed by the mother's attorney based upon the lack of response - apparently collectively they don't have the sense to pour piss out of a boot and spend their days squishing around with wet feet. We know the default was pointed out to Klotz numerous times.

10. On December 7, 2012, the father finally files his response and a counter-petition, which also requires a response from the mother in 20 days or she is in default. Her attorney fails to file the response (see boots/piss/wet feet above).

There are two very important things that you must know and understand to finish unraveling this mystery; the first is: There can be no modification of custody unless it can be demonstrated that there has been a substantial change in circumstances that was unanticipated at the time the last Order was signed and second, Fighting Fathers has never,ever profiled Judge Marci Goodman before.

11. A hearing was held in front of Magistrate Inere on February 14, 2013. During the hearing Inere disclosed the fact that she 'knew' that Goodman would be ordering a psychological evaluation on the 13 year old daughter - why ? If none of the allegations were true enough for an emergency hearing, why were they sufficient to pre-plan counseling at some later date ? Goodman knew the situation was such that counseling was needed, but she was simply going to let the child languish in that same situation for months. We call this child abuse of the worst kind. It was agreed that the entire matter be transferred to Goodman's Court. (we believe from reports that at this same hearing the issue of attorney's fees was broached and the father presented as proof of his payment to his attorney her fees a statement showing that he had withdrawn $17,000.00 from an account; it did not show that the payment was made to VanMatre, or whether it was cash or a check. It seems odd to us that he would not have deposited the money and written VanMatre a check and presented the canceled check as proof. We suppose that is something else for the Bar to look at, and we have forwarded our concerns to them.

12. Attorney J J Talbott, engaged in litigation with Arety Sievers on another matter, subpoenas Greg Sievers for the stolen business records; Greg Sievers supplies the records to Talbott after four years of denying that he has them and refusing to return them. Arety Sievers had testified under oath at deposition to Talbott that she knew that Sievers, or now Talbott himself, was in possession of those same records. Arety Sievers instructs her attorney to write a letter to Talbott demanding the return of her stolen records repeatedly, but he does not do so ([ring][ring][ring] Hello, Mr. Malpractice Attorney, I'm Arety Sievers. I'd like to talk to you about my attorney Christopher Klotz..just a little Fighting Fathers humor...).

13. The daughter reports to the mother that the father is escalating his pressure on her to lie at hearing. On June 13, 2013, the mother files an Emergency Motion to suspend the father's timesharing until such time as a hearing can be held.

14.On June 19, 2013, Judge Marci Goodman denies the Emergency Motion.

15. The Court issues a notice for a 'status conference' to be held telephonically on July 16; no big rush by the Court in spite of all of the allegations and cross-allegations, and in spite of the fact that Marci had pre-determined that the child was going to need a psych eval.

16. On June 20, 2013, Fighting Fathers launches this page. This is the first time that Marci Goodman has ever been profiled on this site.

17. And this is what you did not know, that no one except us knew - On Sunday morning, June 23, 2013, either in response to a telephone call, email or text, at 7:49:51 A.M., Marci Goodman logged onto Fighting Fathers and saw herself profiled. We may never know who called her - a fellow judge, an attorney, perhaps even the father's attorney VanMatre herself trying to curry favor.

18. Upon seeing this the case takes on new meaning to Goodman; no more paltry telephone conferences about case status, but a full blown 6 hour hearing (that actually went 13 hours) was scheduled for July 19, 2013. AND GOODMAN ALREADY KNEW WHAT SHE WAS GOING TO DO ! How do we know this ? From the transcript:

A. Here is the answer you are not going to like, Your Honor. The answer is that for ten months I was able to exercise that authority. When that first motion that for whatever reason, Your Honor, you didn't grant -- and I am not questioning that.
MR. KLOTZ: That was the emergency.
THE COURT: I understand. And after the denial of the emergency hearing of course --
A. Things got worse.
THE COURT: You are supposed to ask for a hearing. An emergency hearing is without testimony, so when a Court denies an emergency, the Court is saying it needs to hear testimony. There had been no subsequent motion to hear testimony.
MR. KLOTZ: Because we have been doing discovery.
THE COURT: I just want her to understand.

Understand what, disHonorable Marci? The attorneys didn't know why you had scheduled the hearing, they were still busy doing discovery....but after you saw US you couldn't wait to get this case into court, could you, old hag ? A reminder from the transcript:

THE COURT: I am sure. They don't like me. Fighting Fathers does not like me at all. Oh, my gosh.
THE COURT: No. Fighting Fathers doesn't like me because they think that, usually they think that I am for the woman. This is why I don't want to do domestic. I can't do domestic law.
MS. VAN MATRE: You are speaking to the choir.

WRONG, Marci, we don't dislike you because you find for the mother, we despise you because you do not protect the children. And what are you talking about, Ms. Van Matre, we have never profiled you...but we might. So Goodman, needing to meet the burden of "substantial change", LIES about having seen Arety Sievers before so that she can say that she is worse than she was the last time she saw her...that was the ONLY substantial change noted in the transcript or the Order.

So there you have it readers, the real story behind the story. Tomorrow we will look at the mother's allegations that there has been an ongoing plan/intent by the father to take custody of the daughter from her. We will be publishing voluminous emails, so many that we have had to create a separate database just to organize them. We mus warn you in advance that some are quite explicit. Until tomorrow...

UPDATE 08-20-2013

Where were we ? Ah, the photographs...hopefully there will be a series of photographs flashing through to the left of this column. Who are they and what is their significance ? The children are children of the witnesses against Arety Sievers, and the children of members of the local Bar and grandchildren of one of Insane Marci Goodman's fellow judges. These are but a few of those we found - we actually have nearly 100 such photographs. And of course one of Albert Einstein, the greatest mind of the 20th Century. Their significance ? Well, for that we must return to the transcript and Judge Mental's conversation with the 13 year old child and her 13 year old companion, held within the dank, sticky confines of Judge Mental's chambers:

Q. And I made sure that the police officers went up and said hello to them. It is a protection that I as -- when I was a prosecutor, and your dad because he is a police officer -- we know what is out there. Sometimes it is better to be naive and not know what is out there, but he knows what is out there and he knows that like when you put a picture of -- I am not as concerned about the tongue thing.
A. I really wasn't meaning it to be --
Q. I understand that, but let me explain that there are people out there that like young girls --
A. Yeah; I know what you mean.
Q. -- to stick their tongues out because they see it as maybe you are going to have oral sex, okay?
A. Yes, ma'am.
Q. So that is what he is so afraid of, is that somebody is going to utilize your picture and take that picture and put it out all over the Internet, all right?
A. Got you.
Q. And he is also afraid that somebody is going to get on as your follower, and he has seen it and I have seen it, where they convince you that they are in love with you and to meet them, et cetera.

WTH ? Really, Judge Mental ? Really ? You've got to be kidding. Then what about your fellow Bar members/judges and their children and grandchildren ? I guess maybe they aren't as smart as you are, or perhaps you're talking about personal experiences from your own twisted childhood, or your childrens childhoods (speaking of which your own daughter posted some pretty strange photos herself on Facebook on public). And what was Albert Einstein doing - just poking fun at himself, or in Marciworld was he crusin for some rough trade ? You do live close to the Bluffs, don't you ? I guess you didn't know that the daughter's 13 year old companion had posted similar pictures did you ? The mother is a teacher and the father an engineer, yet you seem to be so much smarter than they are. We hear that they aren't too happy with your little sex education class in your sweaty little chambers ...hmmm ? JQC maybe ? No Marci, we know exactly what you were doing, and tomorrow we're going to lay it out for the world to see. BTW , members of the Bar, if you would like us to take down the pictures of your kids just drop us a line and we'll be more than happy to do so - but will you do the same from your Facebook pages, or do you realize that these are simply pictures of kids being kids and not the sinister danger found in the twisted mind of Insane Judge Marci Goodman ?

And on the lighter side - there was a bit of testimony about religious practices at both of the homes, although we do not see any relevance as the law simply says that each party will recognize and respect the beliefs and practices of the other party. There was a bit of testimony from the father portraying the healthy, wholesome , Christian atmosphere in his home that we won't go into at the moment, We will post this publicly available picture on the left of the father and his new wife....exactly what are you doing to that woman, Mr. Sievers ? We can't quite figure it out...and on the right, the new Mrs. Sievers with tongue in flagrante delicto...and yet these people have the child ?

UPDATE 08-19-2013

Today we begin our series on Pervert Marci; from the transcript:

COURT. So that was a long time ago. Don't worry about it then if it was that long ago. There was, there have been some photographs shown to you about being on aisle 69. Have you seen a video of your sister and your brother concerning that particular topic while you were at your dad's house that your dad took?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Can you describe to us what that video is and where it came from?
A. We were looking through family videos and it had been my brother and my sister and I was a baby in the car and it was a video where like they had ice cream and they were like hiding it from me and I then, like, I heard them talking about 69.
Q. And when --
A. Laughing about it.
Q. Where were you when you saw this video?
A. At my dad's.
Q. And who showed this video to you?
A. My dad.
Q. How long was the video?
A. It was one of the family videos where they are all put together.
Q. And how long ago was it that you remember seeing this video at your dad's house concerning some --

OK, so you're showing videos talking about "69" to your 13 year old daughter - WTH ? Perhaps a little background would help from the mother...

ARETY SIEVERS: But the things they told you were from 10 and 12 weeks ago that Ms. Van Matre and all, the hospital at 4:00 o'clock in the morning her uncle had just died and we were trying to cheer her up and the following, I don't know how that happened. He was able to make those copies of everything I have never seen before
THE COURT: But you did do the 69.
ARETY SIEVERS: My daughter, Jeanna, will tell you where that came from.
THE COURT: Who cares?

WHO CARES ? WTF, what do you mean . 'WHO CARES ?' You've wasted an hour allowing VanMatre to do her elephantine plodding through this questioning, and you don't care how it came about ?. Nice going, Judge Pervert... so let's hear where the video came from:

Q. Was there -- I want to talk about a video that involved some discussion between you and Andrew about the issue of 69. Do you remember that video being made --
A. Yes.
Q. -- or when was that made? Can you tell us what context that was made in or what that is about?
A. I was 13 and we were driving to Key West and Greg has a sense of humor that kind of relates to I guess 13-year-old kids and he was playing around with, he and Andrew were playing around with Christa saying 69, and obviously I didn't really know what it meant. It was just funny because Andrew and Greg were going back and forth doing it. Greg was like my father. It was funny. And they were making gay jokes and Greg was calling Andrew a faggot basically and just teasing back; it was joking and I didn't know what it meant; and we had a videocamera at the time; it was the big, clunky ones back in the day, one of those videocameras, and there was a video of him trying to get Christa to say 69 just like that with a high-pitched voice and everything.

Whew ! We're worn out just listening to this, but the gist of it so far seems to be that the father was teaching his toddler daughter to say '69' in front of his adolescent step-children, with a little gay bashing thrown in for good measure...way to go, Dad, start 'em early. And just in case the toddler daughter had forgotten, he reinforced it by showing the video to her again at 13...nice. So where is all of this leading ? Tomorrow we will go into Judge Pervert's interpretation and her own twisted sexual instruction given to the 13 year old daughter, and to a perfect stranger, also a thirteen year old girl. And tomorrow we have pictures...

Update 08-16-2013

We continue our Lying Marci series today with more from the Sievers hearing. From the transcript, page 212-213:

MS. VAN MATRE: That is with a website called Fightingfathers.com that is active as we understand it right now with commentary about what is going on at this proceeding. (Are you watching the internet instead of the case, Caryn ? That's nice.)
GREG SIEVERS: They can't make her recuse herself anymore, because it is all about you.
THE COURT: I am sure. They don't like me. Fighting Fathers does not like me at all. Oh, my gosh.

Indeed, Lyin Marci, how would you know whether or not we like you ? And it gets worse:

THE COURT: No. Fighting Fathers doesn't like me because they think that, usually they think that I am for the woman. This is why I don't want to do domestic. I can't do domestic law.

WHAT THE HELL.... since when do we make judicial assignments ? And what the hell are you talking about - we didn't even mention your name on this site until late June, and then it was only in connection with your assigment to this case and your inaction for 10 months and...ah ! Now it makes sense, all of your comments about how you had 'known' the Sievers for a long time, how you knew all about this case... you read it HERE.You read it here, and we were critical of you for not acting on the mother's motions for 10 months, not for any perception of parent bias. So you walked in here to deliberately teach the mother a lesson , did you ? Ever hear of the Canon of Ethics and the requirement that you recuse yourself ? And, unbelievably, it gets even worse:

THE COURT: I agree. Let Cat and Christa go into my chambers again, according to Fighting Fathers I am locking them in there. Ask them to go in there please and I want Jeanna in here.

You're watching Fighting Fathers during the hearing itself ? We just don't know what to say, Lying Marci...and still you didn't recuse. You really had it in for the mother, didn't you ? We also understand that the mother's attorney, Christopher Klotz, was well aware of the fact that Insane Marci was monitoring the site, yet he did not move for disqualification - interesting.

Canon 3
A Judge Shall Perform the Duties of Judicial Office Impartially and Diligently

A. Judicial Duties in General. The judicial duties of a judge take precedence over all the judge's other activities. The judge's judicial duties include all the duties of the judge's office prescribed by law. In the performance of these duties, the specific standards set forth in the following sections apply.

B. Adjudicative Responsibilities.

(1) A judge shall hear and decide matters assigned to the judge except those in which disqualification is required.

(2) A judge shall be faithful to the law and maintain professional competence in it. A judge shall not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor, or fear of criticism.

UPDATE 08-15-2013

More on the Sievers hearing, continuing what we will call our "lying Marci" series -from the transcript, page 219
BY THE COURT: Q. Jeanna, I am going to ask you to tell me what happened after you left here.
A. Excuse me?
Q. I am going to ask you to tell me what happened after you left here.
A. Okay.
Q. I want you to understand right now that an Amber Alert was put out.
A. Okay.
Q. And that it is still open because I have not made a decision yet whether or not to have you arrested?
A. Okay.
Q. So it is extremely important, a lot of whether I have you arrested or not is going to be determined by your honesty.
A. Okay. I'll be completely honest.
Q. So if you will explain to me what happened and what you did once you left here.
MR. KLOTZ: Your Honor, I am sorry for interrupting.
MR. KLOTZ: But if she is in a consequence where she is placing herself in jeopardy of arrest or jail based on this statement, I mean shouldn't she be Mirandized or offered an opportunity to have counsel? ** This is completelely ignored by Goodman, in whose Court Constitutional rights do not exist**
If you will continue....
So we were in the middle of cross-examination. Ms. Van Matre, if you want to cross-examine -- I am certainly not going to arrest her."

OK, Lying Marci, so first you threaten to arrest Jeanna, then you don't give her her Constitutional rights, then you say that you never intended to arrest her even though you issued an Amber Alert - were you lying then, or lying then, or lying then ? Well, we certainly understand why you would issue an Amber Alert because you wanted to keep Christa there so....WHOA, stop the presses, that's not right...from the transcript, page 9, at the very beginning of the trial:

MR. KLOTZ: Ms. Sievers is calling Christa Sievers.
THE COURT: Is there somebody here to take her home?
MR. KLOTZ: There is somebody who can take her home.
THE COURT: Good, because I don't want her hanging around
MR. KLOTZ: We have two potentially Ms. Sievers, that being Arety Kapetanis Sievers and young Christa Sievers and we have a new Mrs. Sievers, which is Greg's present wife.

Ok, we're starting to get a headache now - first you're going to arrest Jeanna, then you aren't, and you were going to arrest her after you issued an Amber Alert because she took Christa out of there which is exactly what you had instructed the parties to do? Old hag, not only are you a liar, you are certifiably insane - you need to let those nice doctors see you again and get your meds adjusted, spend 30 days in Lakeview, and then write a brief note to the JQC as to why they should medically retire you...because we're going to be writing one. An Amber Alert ? Really ? That's an even worse abuse of your office that using cops as Gestapo baby sitter for your own kids...we're going to have to double tag this under Lying Marci and Crazy Marci.

UPDATE 08-14-2013

More on the Sievers hearing, beginning what we will call our "lying Marci" series -from the transcript, page 121:
"THE COURT: Now it is my turn. I talked with Christa in chambers because certainly what just occurred with Mrs. Sievers was totally inappropriate, and certainly was inappropriate in front of her child. It was a histrionic display. It was, as I told her daughter, that the drama queen in Ms. Sievers has come out. She said she had never seen you like that. I informed her that I had seen you like that as well as I had seen her father like that."

Whoa there, Lying Marci, exactly when have you seen either parent do anything ? Christa was the first witness so neither had testified at that point. The only time that they have ever been in front of you was in 2007 and you denied holding that hearing and said that you had no memory whatsoever of it ? And when did you did a degree in psychology ? And since both parents are guilty of it, why was only the mother ordered for psychological counseling and not the father also ? Could it be that the psych order was punitive after the mother had the courage to call you what you are, a child abuser ? We think so...

Update 08-13-2013

We are taking a stroll down memory lane today, for the sake of our readers, the Judicial Qualifications Commission and the Supreme Court, and publishing the first of our series of JQC complaints filed on corrupt Marci Goodman. Normally when the JQC covers up misconduct by a judge no one except the complainant is aware of of the coverup because of confidentiality and the corrupt judge continues on, unpunished and unrepentant. There is no public record of the misconduct. However since Fighting Fathers began spotlighting child abuser Goodman the complainants have found us and are sending their copies to us. The following is the JQC complaint filed on one of Goodman's more famous child abuses, that of Keenan of FREEKEENAN fame. We will be publishing the others to prove our allegation of corruption in the JQC and how the wealth and power of her father have kept child abuser Goodman on the Bench.

And the JQC's punishment for the abuse of threatening an 11 year old boy with rape ? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Her words were prophetic. To read more of this tragic story CLICK HERE.

Update 08-12-2013

From the transcript:
"THE COURT: And the temporary issues, the reason why I am setting it for this final is because I don't want to deal with temporary issues. I want to go ahead and get this taken care of. I know Ms. Van Matre knows but Mr. Klotz, I have known Mr. and Mrs. Sievers for a long time and so we just need to get this done for the sake of all of them."

What the hell , judge, "...I have known Mr. and Mrs. Sievers for a long time..." and you still did not recuse yourself ? Odd, Giraud, Simon and Rimmer, all former prosecutors like yourself, recused themselves based upon a far more casual relationship so where do you get off ignoring the Judicial Canon of Ethics ? Just a habit for you, isn't it judge ? By the way, how is it that VanMatre is aware of this lengthy relationship - particularly when scant minutes later you can not even remember the one time that they appeared before you 6 years ago ?

From the transcript:
"ARETY SIEVERS: I am truly sorry for my outburst. I am a mother; I am very protective of my child. This has been a buildup and we waited ten months to finally see you, and I don't know if it is proper or not to bring up the situation when I first came before you, Your Honor, in January of 2007.

MS. VAN MATRE: Objection, Your Honor. If we could keep it tied down.

THE COURT: I don't even recall what she is talking about."

Then when exactly did you get to know the Sievers so well, Marci, if you can not even recall the one time you saw them...or is it that you just know Greg Sievers so well, dating back to when he was your co-opted baby sitter for your kids ?

Santa Rosa County Administrative Chief Judge - while we respect the fact that Goodman is not on the Family Law gumball, and for the very good reasons we have outlined here, we would respectfully suggest that she also be pulled from Domestic Violence cases; these cases often involve at least temporary custody decrees, and she has more than demonstrated her arrogant disdain for at odds parents by her comments on this case.

Sunday 08-11-2013 Update

Editorial Comment

We are reminded of a friend or ours, a judge from Central Florida who retired early. He occasionally contributes legal opinions to us. Years ago, when asked why he had retired early he said, and we quote as accurately as memory allows, "Very often the parents in front of you are both rather despicable people, but as a judge I have to put my opnion out of my mind and decide with such terribly limited information what is best for the children. One day as I was listening to two battling parents with three children at stake I caught myself thinking 'Which piece of trash do I give the kids to ?' - at that moment I realized two things: one, that I had lost my humanity, and two, that if I stayed any longer I would also lose my soul. So I walked away." We now understand fully what he was talking about. Better check Lost and Found, Marci, your soul is probably there.

FFOD! has issued a SPECIAL ALERT about Goodman on the Santa Rosa page.

From Greg Sievers testimony as he explains why his wife (and apparently he himself) authored a blog about his ex-wife's vagina:

"GREG SIEVERS :"Nothing worked. So then after trying to contact law enforcement, actually made a report and was told there is nothing you can do, she and I sat down that night and we were talking about it and it was a therapy session and we were typing on the computer kind of in response to some of Arety's things that she had said and kind of lashing out basically; it was about putting the truth back out here. This is during the MySpace days. Penni posted this blog as a private blog."

Very interesting therapeutic modality, Mr. Sievers, writing about your ex-wife's vagina and/or the miniscule size of your member (it could be taken either way) (CLICK HERE TO READ BLOG) ; any other cutting edge treatments you two are experimenting with ? We're dying to know. And a private blog ? Indeed. We understand that there are two separate witnesses who will testify that they openly saw it on Mysapce, that you admitted it to one by text (ever hear of perjury, Mr. Sievers ?) and in fact the blog itself issues an open challenge to confrontation to your ex-wife by your current wife - how do you explain that ?

"COURT Yeah; some of the pictures that you put in I know you are 13 and 14 year old girls, okay, and believe it or not a long time ago I was 13 or 14, and I understand. Your parents don't. To the extent that your dad was a cop, when my children were growing up I was a prosecutor; I worked with your dad. My kids had a horrible time growing up, and they will tell you that, because I was constantly, I looked up every friend they had --

CHILD: That is what my dad does.

COURT: Every friend they had. I knew every police officer in Pensacola.

CHILD: My dad was too.

COURT: And I made sure that the police officers went up and said hello to them. It is..."

So now what are you telling us, corrupt judge Goodman ? That you abused the power of your office and subverted tax paid police officers to be your Gestapo baby sitters ? Did you also further break the law and use law enforcement only computer systems like FCIC and NCIC to conduct your little surveillances ? Did you break into confidential juvenile records for your own little black book of your childrens friends ? Look up their parents, maybe ? Incredible, absolutely incredible. The public definitely needs some outside oversight into Mr. Eddins office to monitor these abuses and violations of 4th Amendment rights.

One thing is abundantly clear here,,, the Levins, be they attorneys or judges, don't mind thumbing their noses at us ordinary citizens, at the Florida Bar, at the JQC and at the Florida Supreme Court.

By the way, corrupt Judge Marci Goodman, before you or any other of your fellow co-conspirators on the Bench get the bright idea of issuing one of your famous 'protective orders' on this transcript, please be advised that we have taken the liberty of emailing copies of same to 14 other childrens rights groups (8 in Florida, the rest throughout the Southeast) and a few of our friends in the local and national media. Too late, old hag, it's in the public domain now and the public has a right to know not only about you, but to know whether or not the Judicial Qualifications Commission and the Florida Supreme Court will actually do their job to protect the public from judicial abuse.

Saturday 08-10-2013 Update

Marci, Marci, Marci...oh dear, where to begin ? First, let us say that here at Fighting fathers we aren't attorneys and we don't give legal advice. However, we often get legal questions and we refer the people back to their attorneys with specific issues to be discussed and explained. From this point forward when asked about you we will simply provide the questioner with a copy of the transcript and tell them that they perhaps should discuss the issue of disqualification of you with their attorney. Second, we at Fighting Fathers aren't psychiatrists...but we are providing a copy of this transcript to a psychiatrist friend of ours for his professional opinion, because our lay opinion is that you are completely unhinged. Third, it appears that you failed to comply with the provisions of Rule 3.830, specifically the Court's interpretation as found in Sandstrom v. State, 402 So.2d 461...you should have disqualified yourself long before you made a ruling, and you should have granted Klotz's request for outside review of both the contempt and the sentence...tsk tsk tsk. Fourth your contempt ruling lacked the specificity reuired by law because you didn't want it to appear on social media... - WTF ? You mean that you didn't want to be exposed publicly for what you are, did you, child abuser. Yep, we said child abuser and we now have the proof in our possession, to be posted in full in the coming days and weeks. Fifth, shame on you, Mr. Sievers. Sixth, the transcript clearly shows that you attempted to infringe upon the First Amendment rights of all parties and even witnesses.Seventh, our partial apology to attorney Christopher Klotz who at the end of the trial had the courage to make a proper record in spite of an insane and out of control judge. Stay tuned, readers, you ain't heard the half of it yet.

"THE COURT: I am not understanding. You want to get out that her mom told her after her cousin David told her? Okay. Who cares? The two of you are both such winning parents. It is just amazing how great parents y'all are. Please continue, Mr. Klotz, because this is getting worse and worse for both of them."

....really, Marci ? You arrogant, squat little child abuser. I guess they aren't Levins, huh, God's chosen. You seem to be such a great judge of parenting after only a few minutes of testimony, perhaps we should review your own parenting outcomes (pardon the pun) vis-a-vis your own daughter and see if that arrogance is justified - Code Of Judicial Conduct, Canon 3(b)(4) A judge shall be patient, dignified, and courteous to litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity, and shall require similar conduct of lawyers, and of staff, court officials, and others subject to the judge's direction and control. Blew that one all to hell, huh judge ?

UPDATE 08-09-2013

Here at Fighting Fathers we aren't much on conspiracy theories; we find that the courts and judges here are usually engaged in simple personal misconduct or gross incompetence on an individual, personal level, but this case has provided some interesting twists. Corrupt Judge Goodman's family association with the Vinyl Music Hall detailed below, and her actions on this and other cases certainly bear further scrutiny. The Levin Group, Goodman's family, are co-owners of Vinyl along with Joe Abston, one of the owners of Hopjacks downtown. It seems that Mr. Abston has been having his day in Court in front of the corrupt judge, who with a clear conflict of interest, did not recuse herself as her ethics demand. Abston appeared in fromt of her on a mortgage foreclosure CLICK HERE FOR RECORD ; one wonders if the mortgage company was aware of the family ties between corrupt Judge Marci Goodman and Mr. Abston ? We also see on the same record that there was a 'Notice of Appearance" filed by an attorney on the same case earlier this year...could that possibly be Arety's attorney, Christopher Klotz ? Christopher Klotz most certainly represented Abston in a family law case CLICK HERE FOR RECORD in front of Michelle Inere, the same flawed magistrate that made the mother jump through so many hoops, the same flawed magistrate that failed for two years to correct a defective court order, the same flawed magistrate that Klotz refused to call to task for failing to correct the order after two years of costly litigation that he profited from. We understand Klotz's reluctance now, afraid to piss off the magistrate and afraid to piss off Goodman with two cases of Abston's pending before them. We understand, but it does not excuse throwing the mother to the wolves, or allowing the child to be harmed. Klotz's close association with Abston is further demonstrated with the following video CLICK HERE TO WATCH as the band he has with fellow attorney Eric Stevenson, called "Local Mullet", perform at Abston's club. Perhaps Klotz can support himself as a musician when his legal career is ended. (Klotz is the guitar player in the black shirt on the right). We suppose that we will have to sift back through all of corrupt judge Marci Goodman's cases - who knows what other misconduct will be unearthed ?

This would be the same Christopher Klotz who did not object when the father's shameless attorney, Caryn VanMatre, slapped down in front of the child an 8X10 glossy of a screen shot purported to be taken from the daughter's phone's Instagram of a shaved vagina, in spite of the fact that the child had already said that the father confiscated the child's phone every night and the mother contends that was deliberately planted on that same phone by the father. The child was horrified when shown the picture. This would be the same Christopher Klotz who apparently did not ask the father:

Clearly the evidence would tend to indicate that the picture was fabricated and saved to outrage the Court. It defies belief that Klotz did not raise these issues. When Fighting Fathers obtains transcripts of the hearing the actual questioning will be posted.

We ask all of you mothers (and fathers) out there if you, too, would not have been outraged if this was done to your 13 year old daughter ? Arety Sievers was jailed for trying to protect her daughter from sexual abuse/psychological harm at the hands of a perverted judge and a callous attorney.

Marci, Marci, Marci, whatever are you up to, old hag, with this secret little corporation, Good-Mayer CLICK HERE TO VIEW run out of your $1M+ home ? Who's Mayer ? And why isn't hubby Ross part of it ? Trouble in marital paradise ? Or was it just so shady that he didn't want any part of it....

UPDATE 08-08-2013

Wait just one damn minute here...Judge Marci LEVIN Goodman tells a 14 year old that her mother owns a bad bar, and that bad people work there (a topless bar) and THEN she puts the mother, owner of that bar, in jail for 30 days - a sentence that just happens to coincide with the opening of a burlesque act (strip tease) at Vinyl Music Hall, a bar owned by The LEVIN Group , her immediate family CLICK HERE FOR INFO ....coincidence ? Doesn't seem likely, and definitely just one more conflict of interest for the corrupt judge. Time for a much larger investigation than even we suspected was needed. Tell us, corrupt judge Marci Goodman, are your kin Harry Levin, Sherrod Levin, and Evan Levin, owners of Vinyl, all 'bad people too ?

UPDATE 08-07-2013

Fighting Fathers has learned that Insane Marci Goodman took the 14 year old daughter into her office, in the presence of a witness, and asked her "Do you know what a drama queen is ?"; the child replied "I guess so", and Goodman then proceeded to tell her that the mother was a drama queen. Coupled with her other remarks we are now of the opinion that this squat, fat, ugly little child abusing judge should not only be removed from the Bench, but be charged with aggravated child abuse - our recollection of the statute is that it says "...great physical or emotional harm" or words to that effect. Almost there, child abuser, almost there for a formal complaint to DCF...and it's all on tape courtesy of your jail sentence.

UPDATE 08-06-2013

Fighting Fathers has had an opportunity to examine the case in greater detail and the following facts have emerged - the mother's side presented the 14 year old daughter and the 27 year old daughter, whose testimony was cut short by Insane Marci's premature ejac.., er, oral pronouncement. The father's side presented Julia Bush, former topless dancer who was subsequently arrested for drugs (see below); Stephanie Slaton, whose background defies belief CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS;Jennifer Lemasters, accused thief CLICK HERE FOR CLERK's RECORD; and the father, Greg Sievers, disgraced ex-cop/conspiracy theorist CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. Quite a list of friends, Mr. Sievers, or shall we use the police term and call them "known associates"? Nice playmates for your 14 year old daughter, Mr. Sievers. Couldn't locate Freddy Kruger or Adolf Hitler for her to visit ? Nice call, Judge Goodman. Slaton's information alone makes one wonder what sort of childhood you suffered growing up in the Levin household to lead to this level of acceptance of deviant behavior.

Fighting Father has also learned that Judge David Rimmer, who was assigned the case on July 31, 2013, has still failed to either act upon the emergency motion sitting on his desk or to recuse himself. You haven't let the corruption touch you, too, have you judge ? Should we detail your own long association with the Sievers and the exploits of your son ?

And yes, Marci, we know you're dying to see the video of the protest since you sat it out at home. Soon, we're haggling with a national news source first over an exclusive - it sells itself, really, Arety's Angels, club where Auburn Coach Price lost his job, you, daughter of the tobacco attorney who is partnered with the ultra-liberal owner of Ring of Fire, hated by the conservative media, strippers protesting...why, it's got everything. And best of all, the father is completely ignoring your Order to have the child 'immediately' counseled - 19 days and he's still in contempt. Even the party you rewarded is rubbing your nose in it. Here at Fighting fathers we've witnessed the acts of some pretty slow judges, but you've got to be just about the dumbest judge ever to sit the Bench in NW Florida. quite an achievement in and of itself.

BREAKING NEWS 08-04-2013

Fighting Fathers has learned that the father is still in contempt of the Court order by not taking the child to a counselor immediately; we have also learned that one of the father's star witnesses, Julia Bush, has been arrested for drugs CLICK HERE FOR INFO. Now whoever did you buy those drugs from, Julia...don't tell us, we already know...


Fighting Fathers has learned that the Free Arety Movement has received a protest permit from the City of Milton and will be holding a protest in the front of the Santa Rosa County Court House, located on Highway 90 in Milton Florida on Monday, August 6, 2013, from 12:00 P.M. noon until 2:00 P.M.. All who are interested in a fair system of justice are urged to attend.

UPDATE 08-02-2013

Fighting Fathers has learned that the corrupt and lazy Judge Marci Goodman did not even complete the order of contempt until 07-31-201Rosa , 12 days after Sievers was jailed - a deliberate attempt to keep her from filing a motion for release ? We also see that judge David Rimmer was assigned the case on 07-31-2013 and an Emergency Motion filed that same day. Rimmer has not responded to the Emergency Motion...just how sloppy an operation is being run in Milton ?

We also hear that the father continues with his third vacation of the year and is continuing to ignore the Court order to immediately place the child in counseling - we suppose he needed time to try to brainwash the poor thing before he dared to let her see a counselor. Why isn't he in jail. Oh yeah, we remember, he and Goodman have had a long time relationship...

UPDATE 07-31-2013


Judge Goodman has had removed from the Court file the proposed Order that Caryn VanMatre file July 29; this is the Order (see below) where VanMatre documented both Goodman's threat to Jeanna Kapetanis to shelter the child and admitted to Goodman's in chambers conversations with the child. An email was sent by VanMatre to Goodman's JA authorizing removal, quite probably at Goodman's request. This is beginning to smell of a conspiracy, possibly a criminal conspiracy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW COURT DOCKET. What's next, Judge, tampering with the transcript to cover your illegal acts ? We must caution Anchor Court Reporting to be very careful in handling any requests for redaction by this corrupt judge - it was public embarrassment last time when the Touart transcript was flawed, this time it will be deliberate with possible criminal charges.

It is past time for an outside prosecutor to be requested and a grand jury impaneled, and past time for Governor Scott to direct FDLE Executive Investigations to come in and unravel this mess. The JQC and Supreme Court's failure to act is indicative of how far up the corruption has spread. Fighting Father has learned that Goodman has entered her Final Order CLICK TO READ and has disqualified herself on the case CLICK TO READ. We also have a copy of VanMatre's proposed order that Goodman changed to cover her wrongdoing CLICK HERE. Comparison of the two reveals the following:
LEGAL ANALYSIS: Corrupt Judge Goodman found that in all factors to be considered the parents were equally fit or equally culpable, and that the only change of substantial circumstance was the mother's emotional outbursts...translation into layman's terms ->THE MOTHER DID NOT KISS MARCI GOODMAN's FAT UGLY ASS AND THEREFORE CAN NOT HAVE HER CHILD. As simple as that. This arrogant spawn of carousing Fred Levin believes that the world must KISS HER FAT UGLY ASS or she will abuse the power of the Court to punish them AND their children. We also note that corrupt Marci Goodman is using the power of the Bench to attempt to silence protected political speech guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Fighting Fathers is calling for an immediate , mandatory psychological evaluation of insane Marci Goodman and her removal from the Bench.

BTW, Marci, old hag, the mother was cautioned several times during the original divorce about her emotional outbursts, as the record will reflect, so this does NOT represent a substantial change since the last order. You screwed the pooch on that one, idiot.

UPDATE 07-30-2013

The Court record now indicates that there has been a Motion to Disqualify filed against this vile and corrupt judge; Florida Rule of Civil Procedure states that the judge must issue a ruling on the Motion within 30 days or it is automatically granted. Among the many other Rules of Judicial Administration that this judge chooses to ignore is one that states civil cases, particularly cases involving children, should be disposed of in no more that 180 days of the date of filing. We understand that corrupt Judge Marci Goodman is waiting on attorney Caryn Aughton VanMatre to supply a proposed order. The judge is too damn lazy to write her own order, and we suppose Caryn Van Matre hasn't done so because she's too busy with mandatory responses to Bar complaints....tsk tsk tsk, Caryn, but certainly good practice for the complaints to come.


Fighting Fathers has received proof that Judge Marci Goodman is either clinically insane or else a child abuser...the proposed order, drafted by the father's attorney, Caryn VanMatre, and based upon the hearing, states that if either side uses social media to comment upon the case the child will be sheltered..wtf?...take the child from the father if the child's sister comments ?....it's already been done, Crazy Marci, so whatever will you do now ? You're impotent....

"Neither party or the stepmother or the sister, Jeanna, shall make disparaging remarks about the other party on any social media site. The Court admonishes that neither party shall refer to the other as 'crazy" or what has gone on during the course of the hearing.

While the Court acknowledges that it has no authority to order the step-mother or the sister to refrain from such activity, the Court may consider the comments of the step-mother against the father and the comments of the sister against the mother. If this continues, the child will be sheltered."

Trying desperately to cover your tracks, huh Judge Mental ? BTW, we also see where immediate counseling for the child was ordered by you - we hear that the father has whisked the child away for his third vacation of the summer, counseling be damned...seems NO ONE pays any attention to your orders...so, are you having Greg Sievers (for more information on Sievers CLICK HERE ) arrested for contempt ? Remember , you must treat both parties the same, so if you have him arrested be sure to have your Court Gestapo beat him up first...like mother, like father.

UPDATE 07-25-2013

IN MEMORIAM- Fighting Fathers regretfully announces the death of innocence for one more child; that innocence was brutally murdered on July 19, 2013, by a corrupt judge who sought to impose her own agenda upon this child, and hundreds of children like her. This poor victim had been told that all she had to do was tell her story, tell the truth, to Judge Goodman about where she wished to live and why, and she would get a fair hearing. She was assured by family, friends and attorneys that her mother would never be jailed as had been threatened to her by her father and stepmother for the past four years, and that courts meted out justice. They lied to her. We lied to her. I lied to her. We never meant it to be a lie, but even the most jaded of us couldn't imagine the lengths that this crooked judge would go to in imposing her own twisted beliefs. We never believed that a judge would tell a 13 year old girl that her mother was bad, that her sister was bad, and that her brother was bad simply because they worked in a lawfully licensed business. RIP innocence, we mourn for you.

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT - Fighting Fathers is pleased to celebrate the birth of ...another one of us. Mother - Marci Goodman; father - Greg Sievers. This bouncing bundle of shattered illusions was given life on July 19, 2013, by Judge Marci Goodman at the Santa Rosa County Courthouse. She comes from a fine pedigree, with a life to be fueled forever more by hatred and distrust of the system that conceived and delivered her, destined to be a part of the changes that will sweep this sewer of corruption away. Thank you , Judge Goodman, for the newest addition to our family; you have mothered so many of our children and we are indeed grateful - for every one of us you make we grow stronger, and you grow weaker.

UPDATE 07-23-2013

Fighting Fathers Calls For the Florida Supreme Court to
Issue an Emergency Suspension of Judge Marci Goodman

Fighting Fathers has learned that Judge Marci Goodman is now threatening to place the daughter in foster care if there is continued internet posting about her judicial misconduct and criminal deeds....sorry, Marci, that doesn't faze us a bit and we will continue to expose you for the child abuser that you are. In fact, we are now demanding that the Florida Supreme Court step in and immediately suspend you before your insane acts further damage this child. We do however make you one promise - if you follow through on your threat we will file a formal complaint with DCF for child abuse and name you as the abuser. Bring it on, bitch.

Fighting Fathers further demands that the corrupt Judge Marci Goodman enter a Standing Order of Recusal based upon her admitted biases in open Court stating that she will hear no cases involving Gregory Francis Sievers, Arety Kapetanis Sievers, or any bar employee. Failure by this crooked jurist to do so immediately will result in the filing of a complaint with the Judicial Qualifications Commission.

Here we see the end result of corrupt Judge Marci Goodman's total disregard for justice, for compliance with her oath, for adherence to the law and for any acceptance of the rules of humanity. This was but one bruise left after, yet again, a litigant sought justice in Insane Marci's court. Bruises like this in the real world by a husband or boyfriend would result in the arrest of the perpetrator and 6 months to a year in jail. We are calling for Marci Goodman's arrest as a principal to the fact of battery. Tell us , Judge Goodman, how did you become so desensitized to violence against women ? Does Ross come home after a hard day at court and slap you around a little ? Did Fred come home when you were a child and knock your mother about ? We read in the paper that the only regret he had about his carousing was that his wife and kids 'suffered'...we're beginning to understand what he meant now.

Fighting Fathers will begin tonight a three part series documenting the experiences of Jeanna Kapetanis, daughter of Arety Sievers, the mother involved in this case. In Part 1 Kapetanis begins the tale of corruption, and of the personal abuse and degradation she faced at the hands of this corrupt Judge Marci Goodman.

In Part II of this series Jeanna Kapetanis explains the threats, the degradation and humiliation she suffered as she was forced to listen the corrupt Judge Marci Goodman admit to her abuse of the daughter's mother, sister and brother, as well as traumatizing an innocent 13 year old bystander.

Fighting Fathers has now learned that corrupt Circuit Judge Marci Goodman has issued a 'gag' order, stating that either side that used social media to profile this case would be sanctioned by her...we suppose the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution no longer exists in Santa Rosa County.

You won't silence Fighting Fathers in exposing your corruption, Goodman, you have simply intensified our efforts. Goodman has jailed the mother for contempt, the Santa Rosa Court House deputies have slammed her into the wall and the floor, and her attorney has grown a yellow streak as wide as the Mississippi down his back as he was developing amnesia.

Even more frightening, we have learned that after only hearing part of one side's testimony Goodman proclaimed "I've heard enough, I'm awarding custody to the father..." (that would be the father with whom she has had a long relationship). This so outraged Sievers' grown daughter that she left the court room telling Goodman that it was obvious the case was 'fixed'. Sievers' attorney, Mushmouth Klotz of Mississippi, later told the family that Goodman has ';misspoke', today's euphemism for lying. Time to slink back to Mississippi, Mushmouth, your name is mud in this town, and everybody now knows that you'll roll over and take it up your backside as you sell your clients down the river.

Insane Marci then threatened to issue an Amber Alert and have Sievers' grown daughter arrested for taking her sister out for ice cream during lunch break

We have been informed that a JQC complaint is being prepared against Goodman, and this one won't be hidden away and covered up like the one filed by T Sol Johnson - THIS complaint, and any and all follow up from the JQC, will be published on this site.

The preceding video documents Corrupt Judge Marci Goodman longstanding relationship with the father and her preconception that he was a good man, as well as her prejudice against the mother's occupation as bar owner..ANY of these factors SHOULD have made an honest judge recuse themselves before ever sitting on this case.

When told that she must return to the court house, the younger daughter began describing her ordeal as she watched her mother being manhandled by Court deputies:

When now Chief Administrative Judge John Miller was speaking at his robing ceremony (where Goodman also spoke) , he talked about what he would like for his legacy to be if he were to stay on the Bench. He said among other things that he would like for every litigant to walk away knowing that they had had their 'day in court and their say in court"...Well, Judge Miller, it seems that you fixed it so that everyone can have their say in your Court....as long as they don't mind being beaten senseless by Court GESTAPO. Arety Sievers is now sitting in jail with possible cracked ribs and injured wrists, injuries that the Santa Rosa Sheriff's office refuses to treat or document.

These videos, distressing as they may be to watch, are compelling evidence of why Marci Goodman threatened to issue an Amber Alert if the daughter was not returned immediately - she was desperate to prevent knowledge of her improper conversation from being exposed. Too late, Marci, now the whole world knows of your corruption and your own private little abuse of two 13 year olds.

Goodman also lied in Court today - when it was pointed out that she had sat on a domestic violence case involving the Sievers in 2007, she denied it and said that neither party had ever been in her court before ...yet the Court record shows CLICK HERE that indeed she did sit on the case. Fighting Fathers must point out that she is either a liar, and should be removed, or is too stupid to continue to sit in judgement of people- we are calling for an immediate psychological evaluation of Insane and/or Lying Marci Goodman.

Fighting Fathers has just learned that this piece of garbage 'Judge' has now locked two 13 year old girls in her chambers and is threatening to take the daughter away from the mother. This poor twisted bitch, daughter of a drunken , coked out attorney, is now committing gross child abuse. She had the audacity to tell the parents that they were both poor parents...well, perhaps she should know since Daddy Fred has publicly acknowledged that he himself was a piece of garbage father who abandoned his children to pursue a lifestyle of avarice and drunken revelry , bragging about it in the local newspaper. We are calling for the immediate removal of this emotionally damaged judge...she would have been gone last time but Daddy Fred pressured the Governor to give a judgeship to Dannheiser, who threatened to run against this child abuser if Fred couldn't get him appointed.

We have also learned that part of the problem is her attorney Chris Klotz, who is refusing to stand his ground against this judge, either out of fear or having been bought off by Fred Levin. A review of the Clerk's file reveals some disturbing facts - Klotz filed a petition to modify custody, a petition that requires a response within 20 days or the other party defaults; the other party did NOT respond, yet Klotz did NOT file for a default. Worse, the other party finally filed a response months later AND A COUNTER-PETITION, which also requires a response from the other party, and Klotz DID NOT RESPOND PUTTING HIS OWN CLIENT INTO DEFAULT....this is either collusion with opposing counsel or the worst case of malpractice we have ever seen.


Fighting Fathers is disappointed to have to profile our newest addition to Garbage Judges, the dis-Honorable Marci Goodman, proud scion of the Fred Levin family. Filed court documents indicate that this piece of human garbage has allowed the systematic abuse of an innocent 13 year old girl in the face of overwhelming evidence of that same abuse.In September of last year a motion was filed for an Emergency hearing in front of dis-Honorable Goodman outlining an ongoing pattern of psychological and emotional abuse to the child by the father and his new wife detailing sexual horseplay in front of the child, constant berating of her mother by the father and the stepmother, sexual innuendo by the father's brother in front of the child and her underage friends, and social media posts shown to the child describing in detail the mother's vagina in derogatory terms CLICK HERE TO READ.

The Court...no, that's not right, there is no such thing as the Court, there is only the child abusing Marci Goodman, who refused to act, refused to give the hearing, and had so little concern for the welfare of an innocent child that she did not even call the child in to interview her. Scum, plain and simple. Child abuse, plain and simple.


Sievers problems began when her ex, Greg, filed a fraudulent petition for an Income Deduction Order ( his attorney, the ever greedy Caryn Van Matre, later stated in court that 'he had made a mistake')( we also note that VanMatre participated in the drafting of the original final judgement and knew instantly that it was wrong and could have corrected it with a letter stipulating to that fact...guess she needed to milk some more fees out of the system at a child's expense...) listing an inflated amount to be deducted from her pay check for spousal support. He filed it to take $900.00 per week from her pay rather than the court-ordered $500.00 per week - we know, that sounds incredible that a healthy 40-something year old with his own business would require 'support' from his ex-wife, but that was the order. Sievers immediately filed a motion to correct the order (even though it was the duty of the Court to exercise due diligence in the first place and ensure that the IDO matched the Final Judgement). TWO YEARS AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN ATTORNEY'S FEES LATER THE COURT STILL HAS NOT CORRECTED THE ORDER. This part in the sad affair is directly attributable to the gross incompetence of Magistrate Michele Inere. Two Years ? Really ?? WTF ? (*FFs note re Inere ...this useless debris from the Bar has applied for several judgeships and been thoroughly and properly ignored by the Governor; face it, this bitch is too stupid to be a magistrate, let alone a judge.) This gross inequity is exacerbated by Sievers' attorney lacking the balls to call Inere out on her incompetence - in his defense we must note that ALL attorneys fear the backlash from these petty and insecure judges and allow their clients to suffer out of fear that the judges will 'take it out on them' - Sievers attorney has as much admitted this to her..CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

The situation began to spiral out of control as the litigation dragged on and the father began to emotionally abuse the child. The Emergency Motion mentioned above was filed in early September, 2012; Insane Goodman ignored it and refused to grant a hearing. Two weeks later a Motion to Modify Custody was filed detailing the same abuse and again, was put on the back burner by Goodman CLICK HERE TO READ

According to the court documents filed the father escalated the emotional abuse and began coercing the child to change her testimony and lie in court (that would normally be considered suborning perjury in a real court in front of an honest judge) . The mother filed another motion asking for the court to protect the child until a hearing could be held on the matter, and to require supervised visitation for the father to prevent further emotional abuse and subornation of perjury CLICK HERE TO READ MOTION ...yet again child abuser dis-Honorable Goodman ignored the mother's plea for protection for her child and refused to grant the protection asked, delaying any consideration until some later date at some possible hearing.

The dis-Honorable Marci Goodman's insane and intemperate behavior are legendary. The side bars detail a long history of judicial abuse that borders on the unbelievable (locking courthouse maintenance workers in a closet...really ?) to the daily verbal abuse of litigants and attorneys - yet she goes unchallenged and un-chastised by the Judicial Qualifications Commission. Contrast her immunity with the case of Judge Shea, called before the Florida Supreme Court for far less than Goodman's transgressions CLICK HERE TO READ. Suspension, reprimand, anger management and public apology were all heaped upon this jurist, so why has the dis-Honorable Marci Goodman escaped punishment ? Another case CLICK HERE TO READ incurred the same discipline. Could it be that Daddy Big Bucks, scabby-kneed ambulance-chasing Fred Levin with his megabucks is buying errant daughter Marci out of trouble ? One certainly wonders...


Fighting Fathers has learned that there has been a previous complaint against Judge Marci Goodman filed by the dean of Milton attorneys, T Sol Johnson; T Sol advised the Judicial Qualifications Commission that during a family law hearing Crazy Marci began directing the questioning of one of the litigants, the father, by the wife's female attorney. When T Sol objected, Crazy Goodman replied "You wouldn't understand, Mr. Johnson , you aren't a woman..." . T Sol properly filed the complaint and the JQC dispatched investigators to interview Johnson and the father. Outcome ? Daddy Fred Levin's money and clout reigned supreme and nothing was done to Crazy Marci Goodman.



General Magistrates - Fighting Fathers will be running an ongoing expose into the abuses heaped upon our children by these incompetent quasi-judges, particularly the excesses of Keith McIver. The need to object to the Referral to a General Magistrate will be explained, and sample motions posted.


Pensacola Chapter of American Inns of the Court - FF was recently contacted by a disgruntled attorney about this organization, which in brief is a scam so that judges and attorneys can skate around the non-fraternization rule and hang out together, and, according to our source, discuss cases in private with judges. We intend to demand access to their meetings under Sunshine since they are acting under the color of government and using public facilities. If we are denied that access then we intend to demand that they pay rental on the facilities used, and perhaps reimburse the Sheriff's Office for the courthouse deputies that they are tying up. Whatever the outcome of that initiative we intend to accompany this merry crowd as they stagger to the after-meeting get together at McGuires and watch it degenerate into the drunken grab-ass that is inevitable with a group such as this.


FF will be posting details and documents showing additional abuses by Kim Skievaski during his tenure as Chief Judge.

FF will begin our series on Garbage Attorneys - we will explore how their excesses harm our children, how the courts are complicit in allowing this to happen so that their fellow Bar members can profit, and what YOU can do to stop it. Sample Bar and JQC complaints will be posted.

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