swansonThe dis-Honorable Ronald V Swanson leads off our hit parade of Garbage Judges; we don't currently have a picture of that jurist, so we supplied the closest facsimile available.

Swanson has been partially contained in Santa Rosa County for the last few years, but cruel fate has now unleashed him upon Escambia County. He is arrogant, rude, overbearing and boorish. Swanson fled Santa Rosa County when that former destroyer of children, Kim "Kimmie" Skievaski decided that the time was ripe to step down from the Bench. He will begin a new reign of terror in Escambia County in January, 2010.

Swanson's sins are many; during his tenure on the Santa Rosa Bench he has imposed a dictatorial style of management in Court that literally defies accurate description. This arrogant, autocratic retired Navy officer, once chief counsel to the lead investigator for the investigation into the powder room explosion on the USS Iowa, seems to have forgotten that he is now a civilian and that we ordinary U S citizens are not subject to military discipline. He has imposed an arbitrary dress code for litigants and the spectators in the audience in general at a public building attending public functions. We have even listened in horror as he ordered one litigant to leave the court room because she was chewing gum and not return until she had disposed of it since '...we don't do that in my court'...

A gentle reminder, Captain Baldy - you, the deputies, the Clerks, the attorneys, are ALL THE HIRED HELP, YOU ARROGANT SONOFABITCH, WE ARE THE ONLY TRUE OWNERS OF THE COURT - IT'S NOT YOUR COURT, IT IS OUR COURT. Although we recognize that an oath from an attorney doesn't mean much, you did put your hand on a Bible and swear to God to be the hired help.

His record on custody awards is far more egregious; he has been overheard railroading a 19 year old father into accepting the 'Standard Model' of custody knowing full well that the father had no idea of what this entailed, forever dooming the father and child to a life of every other weekend visitation - and the child was only three months old at the time. Worse, he has expressed in open court his prejudice against joint rotating custody click here for transcript. We strongly suggest that if you have the misfortune to be assigned to Swanson you immediately file a Motion to Disqualify.

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